Ways to Prevent False Alarms with Your Security System

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Ways to Prevent False Alarms with Your Security System

Ways to Prevent False Alarms with Your Security System

Anytime your security system alarm goes off, it is unnerving – especially if you are not at home to check out the situation. When it is a false alarm, you may be embarrassed by having to call in neighbors to help or if police officers show up to address the alarm. Oftentimes, false alarms can be avoided.

Here are tips to keep you safe and secure without any unexpected issues:

  1. Understand your system: Technology and innovations are wonderful, but there can be a learning curve when you are new to security systems. Our professional team at Phil & Son can help you navigate the initial time period of having a new system installed. If you have questions or concerns after the installation process, we are still available to help. You do not want to set off your own alarm due to carelessness caused by a mistake. Memorize your code and make sure your family members know it as well.
  2. Avoid pet problems: Be aware of how much your pet weighs and if he or she can interfere with the alarm system. Our systems can handle pets up to 100 pounds when motion sensors are installed. Pets will not trigger the alarm if they weigh less than this and can move around your home. If they weigh more, they should be contained to areas where there are no motion sensors to avoid false alarms.
  3. No loose objects: False alarms can be set off by an object in your home that falls. Keep items in the motion sensor areas secured.
  4. Close up windows and doors: If you are going to set your alarm, do not engage it until the windows and doors are fully closed. The connection between these needs to be completed when the alarm is set or a false alarm could occur.
  5. Keep up on your batteries: If any of your system’s components have batteries, do not wait until they are drained before addressing them. Change any batteries promptly after hearing or seeing a low-battery indicator. 

Video and Personal Alarms Too

Having video security can allow you to make sure that your older children or teens are safe when you are not able to be at home. Your video is available to view remotely through your smartphone or device. Our family buttons can also keep you connected to an older family member who can just push a button in case of an emergency. Beyond security, we can help you make your home smarter as well. Lights, locks and thermostats, as well as security, can all be controlled through a smart device. Our family-owned company has been helping our friends and neighbors stay safe since 1972. Our team also works with commercial clients who need help with security or locksmithing services. When you are ready for a security review and strategy, reach out through our online contact form.

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