Video Surveillance Security Tips For Businesses

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Video Surveillance Security Tips For Businesses

Video Surveillance Security Tips For Businesses

Video surveillance is part of all aspects of our lives. As a business owner, you rely on your surveillance system to help keep your property, employees and clients safe and secure.

The following are tips to keep your video surveillance system at its best and protect your company.

  1. Keeping Hackers Away: Just like all of the technology that is in our daily lives, a surveillance system can be targeted by hackers. Cyber security should be a core component of your technology strategy. You can help protect your system by putting password management into place. This means never using the default info when launching anything new and having strong passwords that are updated. Also, do not connect to public networks and use encryption when available.
  2. Legal liabilities: Watch where your cameras are positioned throughout your business space to ensure that you are not crossing any lines of privacy. Cameras should not be in bathrooms, dressing rooms, locker rooms, etc. Privacy needs to be protected as much as your property.
  3. Camera strategy: Where you should place your surveillance cameras is as important as where to not place them. The cameras should be strategically located to allow you and your employees to receive the best views of vital areas, such as access points to your building, any stockrooms or areas where cash is handled and where valuables are stored. Make sure there is enough lighting to allow for clear video.
  4. Cloud coverage: You no longer need to worry about storing video on laptops or removable drives. Now, cloud-based storage is easy, efficient and accessible. Having video on a company-based cloud system creates a way to access it through any smart device and adjust users’ access easily.
  5. Best cameras around: You can improve your surveillance by having the most innovative cameras in place. Cameras now have adjustable angles, higher resolution, are weatherproof and allow for remote access.

Let Our Team Review Your Surveillance System

At Phil & Son, we can help you determine the best surveillance strategy for your unique company. Our trained experts can assess how your current system is and how it can be upgraded for better protection. Existing analog systems can often be moved over to the hybrid units that we can provide. 

Beyond surveillance systems, our team can offer additional commercial services to protect your team and property. We can install a personalized alarm system that has motion detectors and provides real-time notifications. We can also increase your security through card access systems for entering and exiting your building. If you need to update or change your locks throughout your building, we continue to offer commercial locksmith services. Our open-source fire alarm systems provide continuous safety from fires and other natural disasters. We are ready to check out your place. To schedule an appointment or if you have any questions, reach out to us through our online contact form.

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