Systems Administrator Manual: Brivo-OnAir-Admin-Manual-2


Common Faq Questions:

Q:I forgot my password. How do I reset my password?
A: You may use the Online Password Self Reset Tool or contact Brivo Customer Care: customercare@brivo.com866.274.8648, option 3


Q:Why is my card not working?
A: There are multiple reasons your card may not work after being added. Please check the following:
  1. Has the card been assigned to a user?
  2. Does the user have access to the door?
  3. Are you receiving activity events from the panel?
If you have answered yes to the questions above, please refer to the activity log for a Failed Access message. If you are receiving a Failed Access message, contact Brivo Customer Care for assistance: 866.274.8648, option 3


Q:When a panel communication drops, why do cards still work?
A: All Brivo panels retain a database of authorized credentials. If a panel should ever go offline due to an Internet outage, for example, the panel will retain a specified number of credentials. The panel will also retain a specified range of activity.