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Have you ever wished that your home was set to the perfect temperature as soon as you walk in the door, without wasting heat all day? Or dream of lights that turn themselves on as the sun goes down? How about unlocking doors with your smartphone and never digging for keys in the dark again? All of this and more is possible with home automation systems from Phil and Son, Inc.

Make the most of your home by taking control of lighting, energy management, security, and video streaming, all from your connected devices and/or home management hub. Our team will build a customized home automation plan to bring your space out of the dark ages and give you options that suit your lifestyle and budget.

Smart Thermostats

Control your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning from your smartphone or other connected devices with a smart thermostat from Phil & Son, Inc. We carry top of the line models with features that make home automation simple.

Comfort and Convenience

Thermostats like Honeywell’s Z-Wave® enabled model can automatically set the temperature each time your security system is armed or disarmed. Customized schedules can be programmed for comfort and energy savings, and when plans change, you can adjust your thermostats on-the-go via your smartphone.


Home automation allows you to program entryway lights to come on 20 minutes before you arrive home from work or make sure the kitchen lights are off after everyone has gone to bed. Set exterior lights to come on at various times while you’re on vacation, or create a warm, inviting atmosphere by dimming the lights from your smartphone. Smart lighting can help your home run more smoothly and efficiently in many ways.


Smart locks combine the security of traditional keyed entry with the convenience of modern technology and accessibility. You can use the keypad or a connected device to enter with a code or password, and if the power goes out, you can still get inside with a traditional metal key if needed. If the kids forget their keys, or a friend wants to drop off a gift while you’re at work, you can unlock your doors remotely for those you choose at the push of a button. Doors can also be set to lock or unlock in coordination with your security system being armed or disarmed for added security.


Doorbell cameras and private security cameras now come in more options and price points than ever before, and protecting your home with live video surveillance may be less expensive than you’d think. We can install discreet, stylish cameras in both the interior and exterior of your home, allowing you to keep an eye on pets, kids, and visitors from your smartphone, tablet, or home management screen with live streaming video.

Upgrade Your Home Today with Automation Technology from Phil & Son, Inc.

Automation features that were once reserved for luxury homes are now accessible to all homeowners, and they can help keep your family safe and save energy, too. Contact our office today to schedule your free home automation evaluation and estimate.

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