2G Cellular Data Service Shutdown FAQ


What Exactly is the 2G Sunset?:  AT&T is shutting down the 2G network, which doesn’t support high data speeds, city by city in a process called 2G harvesting. The majority of Alarm System Communicators installed prior to 2013 used this 2G Network. The shutdown was initially to take place January 1, 2017.   This harvesting process begins to take 2G frequencies and convert them to 3G-4G frequencies over time, eventually shutting down the 2G network once all frequencies are harvested out. Since the 2G shutdown is an ongoing process, we have a dedicated support team to assist you throughout a communication upgrade if you currently have a competitor’s system and want to upgrade to our platform.


How Does This Affect My Alarm System?: Your alarm system communicates similar to your cell phone, with the exception that it is protected using a cellular communication system on a proprietary AT&T or Verizon Network through Honeywell’s Alarm-net Services. If your system was installed prior to 2013, your system could be at risk.


Why Is AT&T Doing This?: As customer demand for higher speeds and more demanding networks are on the rise, Cellular carriers are phasing out the slower older networks. The 2G Network was introduced in 1995 and is set to retire in 2017. AT&T is phasing out older services to make way for newer services.


Am I affected today?: Possibly. The shutdown process has been an ongoing process and was finalized on January 1st, 2017. Currently,  any device on the 2G network will not communicate properly. All Phil & Son Alarm Systems have been updated. Currently 100% of our systems operate under the new platform.


Will I be Required to Upgrade If My System Is Currently A 2G System?:  Yes, All our alarm panels use a proprietary cellular service specific to your area. It is not possible to upgrade the current devices to 3G or 4G service without upgrading and changing out the communicator.



To read more about this shutdown from AT&T please click here: 2g-sunset-faq_2016