Keeping Your Home Safe While on Vacation

Keeping Your Home Safe While on Vacation

Keeping Your Home Safe While on Vacation

Getting away should be a time of rest and relaxation! You do not want to worry about your home while you are enjoying your adventures during a getaway and making memories. Our team at Phil & Son put together ways to keep your home safe and secure while you are gone with these home security system options.

Keeping the lights on: Having an occupied home is a deterrent to break-ins. If you are not around, it can look like you are with lights coming on at specific times. Leaving your porch lights on all night and day can really be a sign that you are not around. With Smart Home Lighting, you can schedule times for your outdoor and indoor lights to pop on and manage your lights from your smart device.

Keeping an eye on your place: Having the latest home video surveillance system allows you to watch your home from any location. It connects you in a “smart” way with camera access through a smart device. The video is a quality that is watchable as it is high-def and creates quality images at your points of entry. You can record and download clips if you need to have a record of an incident. The latest technology is a true game-changer from the past, and you can see your property and what is going on in real time.

No problem with pets: Motion sensors can be another great avenue to keeping your place safe while you are not home. They will be triggered if someone is moving around when the alarm is set. The Honeywell brand will allow for movement from pets up to 100 pounds, so your cats can freely roam your home and not keep kicking off the alarm.

Consistent monitoring: Your security system will have trained technicians on-hand at the UL-listed central station to send help into action if there is a break-in or emergency. The alarm monitoring centers have staff that will be there for you if there is an intruder, carbon monoxide leak or fire when you are not at home.

A Customized Security Plan

Our team members can help you put together a security system that fits your home, property and lifestyle before you head out on your next vacation. We are honored to serve our region since 1972 as a family-owned business that specializes in security technology. We can review your current system and offer guidance and advice. Our experts work with both residential and commercial clients. We can assist with locksmithing for your business too. Reach out with any questions via our online contact form. You are welcome to drop into our offices in Crown Point, as we have some of the tech on display for you to see first-hand. We are proud to help protect thousands of places throughout our Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland region.

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