How to Protect Your Jewelry Store from Theft

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How to Protect Your Jewelry Store from Theft

How to Protect Your Jewelry Store from Theft

Theft and loss of merchandise or supplies is a concern no matter what type of business you own, but as a jewelry store owner, you have an even more desirable collection of products. Worrying about the security of your store and safety of your employees is expected as a jewelry store owner. 

Here we look at ways to protect your team and merchandise.

A Plan During the Day

You want your shoppers to feel at home while they browse your array of necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, watches and more, but you also need to ensure that your jewelry is safe and secure. It is a good idea to greet your customers as they arrive to help you see how many people are in your store at one time as well as help them feel welcome. Having a number of employees on hand is also key to keeping your store secure as there are more eyes to keep watch. If as the owner you cannot always be in the store, you can monitor what is going on at any time through an innovative video system

Our Phil & Son team can review your current system and advise how it can be updated or strengthened through camera placement or technology. Your store should have cameras in place at doorways, near any safes or vaults and at any place where you have sales conducted. Our systems are cloud-based and allow you to observe multiple locations from one login. You can view your cameras right from your smart device. 

A Strategy for at Night

When your jewelry store is closed up for the evening and on holidays, you can still have peace of mind that it is safe and secure. Have a process in place for your employees to put away jewelry that may be in window displays as well as make sure that your security system is working properly. Part of the closing process should be to secure any particular pieces in the vault and make sure that the showcases are locked up tight. You can have your system set up to alert you to any issues immediately and quality video can allow you to see anything that may pop up as a concern. Work closely with your employees to ensure that they are trained properly on security and understand your expectations to keep your jewelry and staff safe.

A Partner to Help

At Phil & Son, we continue to work with our region business owners and homeowners as a security specialist partner. We can advise you on what will work best for your particular location and company. Beyond video surveillance, our team can work with you on fire alarms, card access, alarm system and locksmith questions. It is advisable to know who has keys to your jewelry showcases and change locks if employees have left your store. Reach out to discuss your needs through our online contact form

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