How to Prevent Break-Ins

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How to Prevent Break-Ins

How to Prevent Break-Ins

It is a very scary thought: Your home being breached by a stranger who will invade your personal space and take your stuff. No one wants to face this situation and the emotional and financial stress and anxiety that comes along with it. 

Here are ways to help better protect your home from break-ins:

Looking Good: The outside of your home should always look as if someone is regularly around and taking care of the property. Keep up all of your outdoor chores year-round, that includes snow removal and lawn maintenance and care. A home that looks like you are on vacation can be an invitation to a break-in. If you are out of town, have a friend, neighbor or professional service take care of your outdoor chores.

Mail maintenance: If you are going out of town, make sure to get your mail picked up by someone or have it held at the post office. An overflowing mailbox is a huge indicator that no one is home. You can keep an eye on your mail through the post office’s informed delivery tool as well.

Curb Your Garbage: We all get lazy from time to time and are not always prompt with chores. Bringing up your empty garbage cans should be a priority. By leaving your cans hanging on the curb for too long, you can indicate to anyone going by that you are not home. Also, do not leave boxes from expensive new purchases out in plain view. You do not want the whole world to know that you have just purchased a brand new big-screen TV or expensive laptop.

Security Update: Having the latest and greatest innovations in place at your home is vital. The current security systems and video surveillance are able to allow you to see your home from wherever you are located. The real-time info can get to you quickly through alerts and allow you to see what is happening even if you are not around.

Smarter is better: A smart home is a connected home. Home automation systems can help keep you safe. You can program your lights to turn on at certain times or control your lights when you are away to make it appear that you are at home. You can also access your home’s smart locks.

Our Team Can Help

If you already have a security system in place or need one, our crew members at Phil & Sons can review your home and property and discuss what is best. We work with all of the security systems that you would need. We can help make your home smarter through the latest technology and fire alarms. Our crew also works with commercial clients and business owners. We offer locksmithing services to our region businesses. This can include creating a master key or adding a card access system. We can answer your questions through our online contact form.

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