How Often Should My Fire Alarm System Be Inspected?

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How Often Should My Fire Alarm System Be Inspected?

How Often Should My Fire Alarm System Be Inspected?

fire system has such an important role at your home as it can give you the seconds that you would need to get out of your house during a fire or carbon monoxide leak. At your business, you need to keep your employees as safe as possible. Inspections can help you ensure that your system is in its best working order. 

Here are things to consider when it comes to your fire alarm system:

Insurance: As a business owner or homeowner, your insurance company may have stipulations that are required to keep your insurance policy in place. You may need to have scheduled inspections or maintenance documented. Connect with your insurance agent to find out the details and make sure you are receiving any discounts for having the system as well.

Visual inspections: Your business may need to stay on a required inspection schedule. This can vary depending on where your business is located. A visual inspection can entail taking a close look at the control panel, fuses and more. Monthly or semi-annual checks should concentrate on batteries and any smoke detectors.

Testing: Beyond watching all of the components of your system, it needs to be tested to make sure that it is working. At Phil & Son, we are committed to keeping your fire system at its best with our own crew that can install, service and support your system. Our system inspection is certified through a third-party provider. 

Maintenance plan: Each system is different as it is customized to your needs and place. But all systems need to be maintained properly. Discuss with our team members what exactly is needed for your fire alarm system to make sure that it is working properly.

Our Team is Here for You

Another component of staying safe and secure is having a smart security system. This state-of-the art technology can help you feel safer from break-ins while incorporating all aspects of your home. A central hub can provide an easy way to control not only your security system but also your lights, thermostats, locks and view any videos – all from a smart device. There is no need to worry about pets as the system will not be triggered by furry friends under 100 pounds. We keep you covered 24 hours a day with fire and alarm monitoring centers that are required to meet tough standards on training, resources and reliability.

We always recommend that you rekey your home if you have lost your key or if you have moved into a new place. We can replace locks that are worn-out and add additional security features such as deadbolts and keypad locks. When you are wanting a security review and recommendation, we are available via our online contact form

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