Home Security Cameras: Are They Worth It?

Home Security Cameras: Are They Worth It?

Home Security Cameras: Are They Worth It?

As innovation evolves, you may wonder as a homeowner if you need to add or upgrade your home’s security. With the way technology is today, you can see what is going on at your house no matter where you are located and help ensure that your property, place and people are as safe as can be.

Here we look at how security cameras can add to your peace of mind as a homeowner, pet owner and parent. 

Keep the bad guys away: Just seeing a security camera on your property is a deterrent to any would-be burglars as they know that they might be caught on camera committing a felony. The technology and quality of today’s video cameras is part of why they are a deterrent to criminals. High-definition video allows for a much better view of your property than previous generations of cameras. You can capture quality video and create pictures where intruders can be identified. You will also have access to real-time occurrences and be able to contact authorities quickly.

Keep an eye on pets: Sharp and clear video will also allow you to see what your pets are up to when you are not around. This is especially helpful if your pets are older or not feeling well but you need to leave your home. Access to see what is going on is right at your fingertips through your app on your smartphone or device. If something is not right with one of your pets, you can promptly get home or have a neighbor assist you.

Full-home integration: If you have your home security cameras as part of our 24-hour services at Phil & Son, you will also be protected if a fire or carbon monoxide leak occurs. Our whole home systems bring together so many aspects of your home from safety to security. You can also control your locks, lights and heating and cooling all from one place. Our apps are easy to use and allow for many members of your family to be involved and have access.

Find Your Solution With Us

At Phil & Son, we continue to carry on the tradition of serving our communities. We have been in the business since 1972 and understand and embrace how the industry has changed and become more interactive. Our security specialists are ready to meet with you to go over what you currently have and what you need or want to take your security to the next level. Our team provides customized solutions as each and every customer and property is different. Your family’s needs will also come into play as we put together a security strategy. We strive to tailor each and every plan to what your specific needs are every time. Our team also works with businesses and commercial clients. We are always available through our online contact form

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