Do Smart Thermostats Save Money?

Do Smart Thermostats Save Money?

Do Smart Thermostats Save Money?

Smart technology has infiltrated our lives and can make day-to-day living easier, safer and less expensive. Having a smart home can connect you to your place in ways that you have never dreamed of before. One aspect of a smart home that makes sense is a smart thermostat.

So, what makes a thermostat smart? It is the latest in innovative ways to monitor and control your home’s heating and cooling system directly from a smart device. While there have been programmable thermostats available in the past, what is great about smart thermostats is that you do not have to be in front of them – or even at home – to control them. An app – downloaded on your smart device – lets you adjust the temperature setting, turn your air conditioner or furnace on and off and set a time for changes in any of these settings. More control can equal more savings as you are not just setting it and forgetting it. Being mindful of when your home is cooled or heated can help you keep your furnace or AC from running more than it needs to.

Smart thermostats are initially programmed with your ideal temperatures and settings that you believe you prefer. Some models go beyond that by “learning” preferences and adjusting accordingly throughout the day or evening. If you have certain routines of coming and going, your smart thermostat can learn these and adjust. One of the Honeywell models that we offer at Phil & Son can be incorporated with your security system. When your system is armed or disarmed, a customized schedule will ensure that it is providing the comfortable environment that you are wanting when you are at home versus when no one is around.

Knowledge is power and if you have a smart thermostat that monitors usage and collects data, it can help you adjust your habits and how much you have your air or furnace running. Smart thermostats can help you make smart decisions on energy use. You can also monitor how a few degrees feels throughout certain times of day and if it is still comfortable in your home to allow for less energy use.

Adjusting your smart thermostat and seeing what temperature it is when you are not at home is a huge plus of having a smart system. If you are gone for the day, you can crank up the temperature so your air conditioner is not running as much and turn it back to a cooler level when you are on your way back home. Then you will walk into a perfect atmosphere after a long day away.

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