Do I Need a Home Security System?

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Do I Need a Home Security System?

Do I Need a Home Security System?

A home security system new or updated can really make an impact on your sense of well-being and safety at your home in the region for a myriad of reasons. While first and foremost, you can protect your home from a break-in by intruders there are other advantages to adding the latest innovations in security to your place.

Watchful Eye: By having a home video platform in place, you can see what is happening at your home whenever you are not there. The latest innovations connect you through any place that you have Internet access on your smart device. You can see in real-time what is happening through high-definition video, which allows for sharper and better images at any point of entry to your home. If you need to record a snippet of video, that is easy to do through the app and software.

Emergency connection: Sure you have fire alarms throughout your home, but a home security system can connect you to 24-hour UL monitoring as well. This level of monitoring center must meet a certain level of standards that include training, resources and reliability. So you have a system that has your back regarding a fire, break-in or carbon monoxide leak and the center employees will spring into action and get you the help you need immediately.

Centralized control: What is great about many home security systems is that they can connect different aspects of your home and allow for access and control from a smart device. For instance, the Lyric Wi-Fi enabled controller is a central hub that can not only manage your security system, but also your lights, locks and thermostat. A home security system can really bring control all together in one place.

Personal alarms: We also offer a way to help protect the people in your home who may need it. Our Family Buttons can allow your loved one to summon a family member or emergency help by pressing a button that is part of a wristband or pendant. 

Insurance savings: Some insurance providers offer discounts to clients who have a home security system. Check with your agent to see if you can receive savings based on your new home security system.

Energy savings: Since you can control your thermostat and lights through a smart device, you can tailor times that you are using electricity and gas to help curb your utility bills. Many thermostat apps allow for scheduling times to have your home at certain temperatures.

Our Team is Here for You

At Phil & Son, we have decades of experience in the security industry. We have seen many innovations over the years, and have honed our expertise and knowledge to best serve our commercial and residential clients. We can review your current system and go over what may work best for what you are hoping to achieve at your place. Connect with us through our online contact form.

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