Fire Protection You Can Count On.

When you make the choice to partner with a fire alarm service provider, make sure that is a relationship you’re going to want to continue on with for years to come.

Very few systems in today’s fire market are open source, Making this decision one of the most important maintenance decisions of your building.

  • Phil & Son Certified in-house professional’s service and support every system we install.
  • We don’t cut any corners when it comes to life safety. We have certified processes in place ensuring you get a professional installation, service, or system inspection every time.
  • Every system inspection is 3rd party certified through Building Reports web inspection services.
  • Our Intelligent systems are designed, installed, serviced, tested, and commissioned all in-house.

Our Testing and Maintenance programs ensure an accurate and functioning system.


  • Phil & Son code compliant testing methods are complete and comprehensive, guaranteeing a professional experience, every time.
  • All our documentation services are 3rd party verified through Cloud-based Building Reports services.
  • Advanced part replacement services are available, ensuring a system that is always functional preventing operation delays, or shutdowns.



Call us today, and we can provide a free analysis to determine if we can take over monitoring, service, and annual inspections of your system. (219) 663-5757