Video Surveillance St. John

Video Surveillance St. John

Video Surveillance St. John

Video Surveillance Helps Protect Your St. John Home

Security technology has changed dramatically since 1972 when we first opened our doors! Our family-owned business continues to serve our Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland communities to help keep their homes and businesses safe and secure. At Phil & Son, we offer a range of services for both residential and commercial clients. We can help keep your employees safe with controlled access as well as fire monitoring. If you need locksmithing services at your company, we can assist with changing out locks when an employee leaves or repair old locks to keep your property more secure. 

Video Surveillance for Your St. John Property

The innovations in the industry make monitoring your home from anywhere so simple and easy. You will be able to watch your space in real-time to ensure that your place is safe. This is also helpful if you have children that are coming and going and you want to make sure that they are home safe. We can install cameras in the interior and exterior of your home. Today’s systems have high-def video, so there is not that grainy video that really shows nothing. You will be able to see more clearly if, unfortunately, an issue arises. Through a mobile app, you will be able to access what is going on at your place with the touch of a button. You can be anywhere and still see your place as anything is unfolding. You can also easily download any video snippets that you may need access to.

Having a smart home is also a way to keep your place safe and secure. You can connect many of your home’s functions all through an app. With a smart thermostat, you can change the temperature of your home from anywhere. You can also have your lights scheduled to activate and control them when you are on vacation. Exterior and interior lighting can make it appear that you are at home. Smart locks can also be controlled remotely. If you need to let your child inside or a neighbor to feed your cats, you can also access this function through your phone.

Video Surveillance and More in St. John

Putting a commercial card access system into place at your business is another way to help with monitoring. The systems are cloud-based, so they are accessible from anywhere. The software will be continuously updated with the internet connections, so you know you always have the latest innovations working for you. You will be able to integrate the card access system into your video surveillance as well.

Find Out More About Video Surveillance Near St. John

If you would like a customized security plan, reach out to our team for an appointment. Our team will tailor your plan to your particular home or business and what you are looking for in terms of security. We are available through our online contact form

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