Video Surveillance Hobart

Video Surveillance Hobart

Video Surveillance Hobart Keeps You in the Loop

At Phil & Son, we pride ourselves on being specialists in our field and industry. Our trained technicians have extensive experience and stay on top of the latest technology and updates available in the security world. We have always worked with both commercial and residential clients in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana region since we first opened our doors in 1972. We are family-oriented to our core as we were founded by family and have a third generation running our company, the largest independently owned security company here in Northern Indiana.

Video Surveillance System Built for Your Hobart Home

A secure video system is perfect for keeping you connected to your home and property. These systems are so much smaller and easier-to-use than they were back in the day. You can have high-definition video from your points of entry, so that you would have a sharper view if anything happened. Through apps on your phone or laptop, you can see your home video from anywhere, and you can download video clips as well.

The platform for our commercial clients allows for cloud-based storage and views of multiple locations from just one login. Hybrid units can work with any existing analog systems at your business, so your investment into your existing camera system still holds. Replacements of cameras can be completed as needed.

Video Surveillance System and More in Hobart

Having a smart home means technology works for you! You can control your heating, air conditioning and ventilation right from your phone with a smart thermostat. You can also manage your energy and lights through your phone as well with a home management hub. When it comes to working on energy savings, you can schedule different temperatures for different times of the day and seasons. 

Locks can be smart too! You can get away from keyed entry with a touch of modern technology and accessibility. A keypad or connected device leaves actual keys obsolete. If you need to let a friend or worker inside, you can do this from your phone by opening your doors remotely. Our commercial locksmith services range from creating a master keying system to duplicating keys. We can cut new keys as well for any desks, file cabinets or interior doors. 

Video Surveillance Hobart From Your Security Experts

Our technicians understand the latest technology as we are security specialists.  We are here for you and are happy to connect. We have a strong commitment to quality workmanship and excellent customer service. Our 30-day satisfaction guarantee is in place to back up our promise to you. Reach out to us through our online contact form.

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