Merrillville Locksmith

Merrillville Locksmith

Merrillville Locksmith Takes Your Security to Higher Level

As a local, family-owned company, Phil & Son pairs the latest in security technology with exemplary customer service and expertise. The team of technicians are highly trained in the field and have tons of hands-on time with the tools of the trade. Being a family-owned business since 1972, we are now in our third generation of assisting region homeowners and business owners with the latest in security. As each client is unique, we strive to offer a custom-tailored strategy to your security needs. 

Merrillville Locksmith Offers Security Solutions for Your Business

Our expert technicians are here if your business needs a new security system or updates to what you already have in place. A high-tech, electronic system can really put your company’s security in your hands. You will be able to see activity in and around your property through remote monitoring. You can receive notifications of any goings-on in real-time and have the ability to monitor more than one location. Your team will also be able to interact with your network from anywhere and have access to security analysis.

Besides security options, our team can also help protect your place and employees from a potential fire. As a fire alarm service provider, you can count on our professionals for service and support. We have certified processes to follow and a third party inspects every system that we install. You can be at ease as our code compliant testing methods are thorough and comprehensive. 

Merrillville Locksmith Provides Peace of Mind

There is no doubt that your home is your sanctuary! Our crew understands the importance of keeping your family and belongings safe and sound. We will come up with an individualized plan just for you. Installing home video surveillance equipment allows for real-time monitoring of your home – both inside and out. High-definition video provides sharp images, and apps on your phone or tablet allow for mobile access as well. You can download and review video clips if an incident does occur.

Technology can also serve as an avenue to a “smarter” home! An automation plan can help you control heating, air conditioning and ventilation from your phone through a smart thermostat. Smart lighting can light up your way when you get home or allow you to turn off forgotten lights when you are gone. Smart locks let you control access to your home from far away through a connected device. This comes in handy if your kids need help getting into your home or a friend drops by to leave something at your door.

Merrillville Locksmith is Committed to Excellence

Our professional crew is ready to discuss your security needs. We provide free estimates as well as our 30-day satisfaction guarantee after any and all jobs are complete. We pride ourselves on outstanding workmanship, performance and customer service every day. Connect with us through our online form

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