Locksmith Schererville

Locksmith Schererville

Schererville Locksmith Keeps You Safe and Secure

Our team at Phil & Son has been in the industry for decades and continues to stay on top of the latest technology and innovations that will ensure you and your family or employees are safe. We provide trained security specialists who have the know-how, training and expertise to keep your home or business as secure as possible. Our team works with both residential and commercial clients in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland region. Our services include surveillance, automation, alarm systems and locksmith services for homeowners and alarm systems, card access, video systems, fire alarms and locksmith services for business owners.

Locksmith Near Schererville Works on All Things Locks

A professional locksmith may seem old-school, but our services are still vital to all of your home and business lock needs. We are professionals that can update your locks if you have recently moved to a new apartment or purchased a new home. Lock rekeying can not only change your locks but also can update them if they are not working properly or are worn down or sticking. We can install all new locks as well that are more up-to-date with the latest innovations. Our team can put into place wireless keypad locks or wireless deadbolts that you can pair up with your home’s automation system.

At your business, we can go over your overall security plan and apply our locksmith expertise where it is needed. A customized plan for your company will allow us to tailor our services to what will work best at your particular property and space. Our licensed and bonded locksmiths can review our high-security master key systems and other offerings. Rekeying your locks is a good idea after your staff has changed or if you have moved into a new office space. We can duplicate keys for new employees and repair or replace any locks that are not working properly. Having a master key system helps you control all of the locks, even when they have their own individual keys.

Locksmith Services and More Near Schererville

Our crew at Phil & Son can help you protect your home with a security alarm system that allows you to have a hub for controlling other aspects of your home, such as lights, thermostat and locks. The consistent monitoring through video allows you to have peace of mind when you are not at home and have video available if something does happen. Our system connects you to help if you have a fire, carbon monoxide leak, intruder or other emergency. Our system is pet-friendly and is not set off for animals under 100 pounds.

Connect With Our Team for Locksmith Services Near Schererville

If you are ready to add another layer of security to your home or business in the region, reach out to us through our online contact form.    

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