Home Automation Schererville

Home Automation Schererville

Home Automation Keeps Everything Connected in Schererville

The latest in home security and automation can help connect you to your home in ways that you never dreamed of before! Our team at Phil & Son has been in the industry for decades since 1972. As a family-owned company now in its third generation, we have seen how the security field has evolved and understand how we can help protect and integrate your home or business. We are proud to continue to serve our Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland communities as security specialists. We have full-time technicians that work for us and have years of experience to help tailor a solution to your security needs.

Automation Keeps Your Schererville Home Smart

When we think of our homes, smart may not be at the top of the descriptive list, but there are ways to live a more comfortable and carefree life every day with the boost of your home’s smart level. Our team can go over how you can add home automation systems and what they will do for your daily life. You can have your energy management, security, video streaming and light control all connected to your home management hub or your smart device. You can put into place a smart thermostat for your heating and air conditioning, so that you can control your home’s temperature when you are not even there. Or if you are already in bed for the night you can adjust your AC or heat by just logging into your thermostat’s app and making any desired adjustments. Your locks can also be controlled by your phone or laptop so you do not have to mess with keys any longer. 

Your home’s management system can have your lights programmed to turn on at certain times or you can alter these to adjust when you are out of town or on vacation. You can control your locks from anywhere as well. You can let a friend or neighbor inside your home when you are not even there as part of your home’s overall smart system. Your cameras will also be part of this system and provide live video surveillance to help keep an eye on your pets or children. 

Automation and More For Your Schererville Home

The best technology can keep your family safe at home. Your security system is pet-friendly, so that an animal under 100 pounds will not set it off and cause a panic. Our services also have 24-hour monitoring to alert you to any issues from a break-in to a fire or carbon monoxide leak. You will have access to live video that you can see from your smart device no matter where you are located.

Connect With Us For Your Home Automation Needs Near Schererville

Our Phil & Son crew can review your current security system and offer a plan of action. Reach out to us through our online contact form today.  

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