Crown Point Home Automation

Crown Point Home Automation

We all know smartphones and connected devices have made our lives easier. So it’s no surprise that the same Wi-Fi technology powering our phones is now being incorporated into a wide variety of smart home technology, bringing homeowners new ways to monitor and secure their space, control temperature, lighting, and more. But what might surprise you, though, is the great selection of affordable options that are now available for Crown Point home automation upgrades.

Phil & Son, Inc. has been a trusted security partner in Northwest Indiana for decades. We’ve installed many smart home upgrades, ranging from one or two devices to whole-home automation systems. We can show you the options that will work best for your lifestyle and budget.

Connected Thermostats Dial Up the Comfort

Digital thermostats have come a long way in recent years, and internet connectivity now allows smart thermostats to adjust your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation from a central hub inside your home or from anywhere using your smartphone. Smart thermostats can also connect to other home automation systems like digital locks so that the heat is turned up as soon as you walk in the door.

Smart Lighting for Your Home’s Interior and Exterior

Imagine never having to fumble around in the dark for a light switch again. It’s possible with smart home lighting, now available for both interior and exterior use. Smart lights can be programmed and controlled from your phone or tablet. Set lights to come on as you arrive home, turn holiday lights on or off from indoors, or automate lighting while you’re away for additional security.

Complete Access Control with Smart Locks

Smart locks allow you to control access to your home remotely with the push of a button. Phil & Son, Inc. has been installing and maintaining commercial keypad-style locks and card access systems in Northwest Indiana businesses and schools for decades, and we’re thrilled to see this security technology become more affordable and accessible for local homeowners, too.

Doorbell and Security Cameras Keep You Safe

Security cameras are now smaller, lighter, and more discreet than ever before, prompting many homeowners to consider installing a home surveillance system. Internet-connected cameras can be viewed and monitored remotely, allowing you to see who’s at your door and even speak to them when you’re not there. Interior cameras can help busy parents monitor kids and pets, too.

Call Phil & Son, Inc. for a Free Home Automation Estimate

Each of the new smart home technologies we offer can make your home more comfortable or secure, and combining multiple devices to operate seamlessly is a truly luxurious experience. Our expert technicians can show you how to select the system that’s right for your lifestyle.

Whether you’ve just moved to a new home or you’re looking for ways to improve your current space, a Crown Point home automation upgrade from Phil & Son, Inc. can help you be more comfortable in your home. Call us today or fill out our online contact form to request a free estimate.

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