Card Access Valparaiso

Card Access Valparaiso

Experts Can Assist with Card Access in Valparaiso

At Phil & Son, we have been in the security technology business since 1972. Our team has always followed the latest and greatest in our industry to ensure that your home or business in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana region is safe and secure. Our family-owned company offers all of the services that you could need, including locksmith offerings, video surveillance and alarm systems. We always begin with an assessment of your current system and what you are looking to add or adjust. We work on customized plans that are unique just to you and your place. We will go over the details of the plan with you before we begin your project.

Card Access for Your Valparaiso Business

Business owners and leaders can boost access while modernizing control of their buildings with a card access system by Phil & Son. The benefits of this system are numerous to you and your employees. The monitoring is cloud-based and allows you to review the status and history of access from your device or laptop and from wherever you are located. You will have real-time data to make any decisions and review information quickly. If you find that your company is growing, adding or upgrading equipment is easily accomplished and the software will remain updated as well. The card access system can also be worked into a video surveillance system for integrated live-streaming video. If you want to track data, you can access analytics with this system as well to track any patterns of access.

Our team can also work with you on a fire protection system at your company. We use in-house professionals for service and support, and our systems are certified by third-party inspectors. The systems are designed, installed, serviced and tested at our place. IF you have an issue, replacement parts are readily available to cut back on an interruption in service.

More Than Just Card Access By Our Team in Valparaiso

Our trained technicians can help with your home’s security with our services. We offer lock rekeying if you have lost or had your purse stolen. If you are moving into a new home, we also recommend that you install new locks. If your locks are old, malfunctioning or sticking, new ones can ensure that you have proper access to your place. If you are installing new locks, consider a tech upgrade with a wireless keypad or wireless deadbolts that can work together with your home’s automation system. This system can help connect your home in new ways. You can control your heating, air conditioning and more right from a device.

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Our security professionals can answer your questions and offer the best strategy to keep you safe and secure. Contact us through our online contact form.

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