Burglar Alarm Highland

Burglar Alarm Highland

Burglar Alarm Highland

Homeowners face potential risks every day. These risks, such as burglary and property theft, are more than just hypothetical scenarios – they’re a reality backed by hard statistics. According to the FBI’s Crime Data Explorer, there were over 1.3 million burglaries across the United States in 2019, resulting in an estimated $3 billion in property losses. This data underscores the importance of taking proactive steps to secure your home. If you are considering installing a Highland burglar alarm, trust Phil & Son, Inc. 

Choosing the Right Alarm System

When it comes to selecting a burglar alarm system, homeowners need to consider several factors. There are wired and wireless options, with the former being more difficult to install but less susceptible to hacking, while the latter offers easy installation and flexibility. Monitored systems provide 24/7 surveillance from a professional security company, ensuring fast response times in case of emergencies. Unmonitored systems, on the other hand, rely on you or your neighbors to alert authorities when the alarm goes off.

However, these choices come with their own set of challenges, like false alarms and installation costs. Phil & Son, Inc. addresses these concerns head-on, offering smart security systems, like the Honeywell Lyric, which significantly reduces false alarms. This system also acts as a central hub for home security, allowing homeowners to control their security system, lights, locks, and thermostats, and even view live video streams – all from one device.

The Benefits of Professional Installation

Professionally installed burglar alarms, like those offered by Phil & Son, Inc., bring numerous benefits. Not only do they offer 24/7 monitoring and fast response times, but they also provide pet-friendly systems that can differentiate between intruders and pets weighing up to 100 lbs. Additionally, their home management systems easily connect to smartphones, laptops, or tablets, giving homeowners the ability to control indoor and outdoor lighting instantly or set schedules.

Why Choose Phil & Son, Inc.?

At Phil & Son, Inc., we go above and beyond to provide top-quality security systems. Our commitment to exceptional customer service sets us apart. With our friendly and reliable team, along with professional call agents, we ensure that homeowners’ properties are safeguarded by a 24-hour UL-listed central station. With years of experience installing and monitoring security systems in Northwest Indiana, we have earned the trust of countless homeowners.

If you are considering installing a burglar alarm in Highland, look no further than Phil & Son, Inc. We offer a complimentary home security inspection and will guide you through our wide range of home security and video monitoring options. Protect your home, your loved ones, and experience true peace of mind with Phil & Son, Inc.

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