Choosing the Right Security System for Your Business

Choosing the Right Security System for Your Business

Choosing the Right Security System for Your Business

A security system is vital to your company’s overall safety, but it needs to be the right type of system for you! Our team at Phil & Son examines some of the ways that you can ensure you have the best security technology installed for your business.

You Need an Assessment

Just like you would do before you purchase anything else complicated, you need to do your research and evaluate what you currently have, what you need and where your place is lacking. Take time to do your own security review as an initial step to help guide our team when we arrive to offer you an estimate of a custom-tailored plan to your business. Key areas to explore: where are your access points and how are they currently monitored, what is your employee flow in and out of the building as well as guests and clients, the hours outside of your business hours when there may be people on the property and finally, outline what you believe are your property or building’s vulnerable spots.

The Question of Video Surveillance

Camera placement is one factor that goes into your video surveillance plan. Having a system allows you to better ensure that your business, the workers and the space are as safe as possible. If something does occur, you will have the ability to easily download video snippets as a way to collect possible evidence of a crime or issue with an employee. Our Phil & Son team will go over why a video surveillance system is important. You can access the videos anywhere with a cloud-based system. It is always in place doing its job and our team may be able to migrate your older system with the latest innovation to be a more budget-friendly option. Additional benefits of video security include: close monitoring of any places where money is handled in your company and 24-hour surveillance that occurs year-round.

Adding a Card Access System

In addition to the video surveillance component, you may want to add a card access system as part of your customized security plan. This type of access control system will allow you and your team to control who goes where. If you have levels of security and employees, you can only allow certain individuals to enter an area, such as an office, stock room or area where a safe or valuables are stored. We can also integrate this type of system with your video surveillance for real-time review of the comings and goings in certain areas or restricted areas. You will also be able to review data from your card access system to track patterns and identify avenues for operational improvements.

Let Us Review Your Place

Our family-owned company is ready to review your system and offer guidance on weak areas and how to improve your security overall. Reach out to us through our online contact form.  

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