Benefits of Smart-Home Automation

Benefits of Smart-Home Automation

Benefits of Smart-Home Automation

A smart home can make your life easier and ease the stress when you are not there! Smart-home technology is when your systems can “talk” to each other by being connected and working together to make your home as safe as possible. When your home is smart, you can control the thermostat or see who is at your door all from your smart device.

But what are the real benefits of a smart home? Check out these key ways your home is better when it is smarter:

All in your hand: The biggest benefit might be the streamlined way that you can control so much. When you have smart-home automation in place, you – and any member of your family – is in charge with just a smart device. An app is all you need to have the power of a smart home.

Remote access: What is more convenient than turning the heat on from your phone when you are on your way home? Or turning off your air conditioner when you are on vacation and you forgot to do it before you left? By having control over your home on your smart device, you take that power with you wherever you are. You can unlock your door if someone is stopping by and you did not make it home in time.

The best in security: You do not have to worry if you are running late and your kids are alone as you can keep an eye on your property with security cameras. Video surveillance can allow you to watch either the exterior or interior of your home depending on where cameras are placed. 

Savings: When your home is smart, it can save you money! With a smart thermostat that is programmable or controllable from anywhere, you can better adjust the temperature of your home and not waste energy. Your air conditioner does not need to be at full blast if no one is at home and you can control that right from your phone.

Insights: By having technology behind your home’s daily life, you can better see trends or insights to help you adjust where needed. You may realize that your furnace is running a lot during the school and work day when no one is around. This type of data can help you make a new plan or adjust your home’s components. 

Put Together a Home-Automation Plan Just for You

Our security specialists at Phil & Son know all about smart homes. We can review what you have in place now and advise any adjustments or updates that will make your home even smarter. You will be amazed how a connected home can make your daily life go smoothly and ease your mind. From thermostats and lighting to locks and cameras, you can count on our team to take your home to a new level of smart. Connect with us through our online contact form

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