Benefits of Access Control Systems

Benefits of Access Control Systems

Benefits of Access Control Systems

Depending on your business or industry, you may need to limit or control access to certain buildings, spaces, offices or locations. If you have sensitive information or documents or areas that need to be accessible by certain team members, then having an access control system can help.

We look at how this type of system can help you as a business owner:

  1. Management made easy: You will be able to maintain the security by being on top of who is accessing certain areas and at what times. You can track all of this through a remote location. An access control system will allow you to control employee credentials, entrance access and tracking.
  2. Track activity beyond employees: Having a system in place can make it easier to monitor more than just your employees and team members. You can also control and track the comings and goings of deliveries, guests or VIP visitors.
  3. Create time zones: Through an access control system, you can create specific timelines for certain workers to access these areas. You can change these if something pops up unexpectedly from anywhere. You can also narrow these timeframes down to the second. 
  4. Removing old-school keys: If you are worried about losing keys yourself or having too many keys in the hands of too many people, then this is the system for you. No matter what type of business you have or what size, it can be easier to have intangible ways to enter your place without an actual key needed.
  5. No need for a person: If you had used security personnel in the past to watch a certain area of your business, then you can eliminate this cost with a control system. It is a vital way to watch who is entering and exiting without an actual person in place.
  6. Specific credentials needed: You can create the credentials that fit specific employees and their access to areas. You have the power to monitor and control these access credentials.
  7. More security overall: Bottom line, a new access control system can create a more secure perimeter and areas of your business. You will reduce risks or unwanted entry and help your team feel better about being more safe in a secured zone.

Find Your Customized Plan with Us

Our Phil & Son technicians can review your business’s current security system or plan and offer a free estimate of what is best to fit your needs and place. Our commercial card access system has a mix of benefits, including cloud-based monitoring. This is the most convenient way to see access history from anywhere. Your system can also be upgraded as your business expands and develops, as you will always have the latest software available. You can analyze data to better create systems and policies based on patterns. Let us know what you need through our online contact form.

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