Benefits of a Card Access System for Your Small Business

Benefits of a Card Access System for Your Small Business

Benefits of a Card Access System for Your Small Business

As a business owner, you juggle lots of roles and worries, including keeping your property and employees safe and secure. As more and more technology and innovations pop up in the industry, you should consider ditching keys at your business and putting a commercial card access system into place. 

Here are some benefits of accessing your place through a card:

No keys to keep track of: We all have been there: Where are my keys? It is a part of life to lose your key at some point and have to backtrack your day to locate them. As a business owner, you can forget about issuing and keeping track of keys with a card access system. Cards are easier to have on hand and can be reissued as needed or tracked.

Knowledge is power: With cloud-based monitoring, you can access who has entered the building at any time from anywhere. You can see real-time data from your laptop or smartphone. If something does occur, you can react quickly with the resources right at your fingertips. Having data can also lead to a better operating system by utilizing an analytics option to better understand patterns of access and usage.

Adjustable system: Card access can be adjusted as needed if your business grows or changes with the times. The software is always updated, so you will have the latest version in place. Our crew at Phil & Son can also discuss upgrading equipment if you realize that your business model has changed and you need to bolster security.

Seamless integration: If you want to boost the layer of security at your building’s access points, we can fully integrate your card access system to live streaming video. Having video surveillance can ease any worries or concerns about who is trying to access your building.

Better protection: Employees will feel even safer with the ability to use a card to enter your business. Having this as one component of your overall security plan allows for a happier work environment and happier employees.

Customized Solutions for Your Business

Our team also provides additional commercial security services to our region businesses and companies. We work with the latest fire alarm systems, video systems and burglar alarm systems. We can also help with locksmithing within your building if you need to update, repair or replace any locks and keys inside. Our fire protection uses our in-house professionals to support and service your system. That helps us best control our offerings. A third party certifies our web inspection services as well.

If you would like a review of your current security system and seek to update it, our team can assess your situation and offer guidance and expertise on the best next steps to take to make the most of your property’s security. Contact us through our online contact form

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