Why do you have a subscription to the system?

The agreement (subscription) allows Phil & Son, Inc. and you, the customer, to have a mutual understanding of the scope of work, services, and costs. The agreements have a specific term: The standard term is 3 years. This allows us to perform your professional installation well below our up-front costs and start protecting your family, home, or business right away at a competitive monthly rate. Your rate is then guaranteed for the duration of the contract. Be careful of “promotional rates” and 6-month programs, those companies usually double or triple your rates as soon as the promotion ends.  We have one low rate, without any hidden fees and all data and cellular communication is included.


Can I test my system whenever I want to?

Yes. Prior to testing the system, we ask that you please call our customer service department and have the account placed “offline”. We then can monitor the offline signals without transferring to the local authorities. To place an account on test please call 219-663-5798 you will need your passcode and must be an authorized contact on the account.


 Can I arm and disarm my system from my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, all of our security systems have the option for remote web and app control. We can easily set that up for you. Older accounts may need a panel upgrade to allow for remote control use.


 Can Phil & Son Take Over My System And Equipment? Yes, Normally we can take over monitoring of existing systems. We can usually even enhance them, to give you the latest technology, and functionality. Give us a call today and we can give you a FREE survey to find out. (219) 663-5757


How do I change my Emergency Notification Listing?

Simply call 219-663-5757 or email techsupport@philandson.com   If you need to submit a request, we can walk you through the process and let you know what information is required. It’s extremely important that you keep your list current.

 My System is Beeping… What do I do?

If your system is beeping, it is usually some indication that there is some sort of trouble condition within the system. The most common are:

  • Loss of Main AC Power
  • System or Sensor Low Battery
  • Loss of Primary or Secondary Communication to Our Central Station
  • Sensor Tamper, or Missing

If you find yourself in front of a beeping Keypad:

Entering your 4 digit code + off will silence the beeping.

Keep in mind that unless the beeping is coming from a keypad, none of our alarm sensors will beep in trouble. So if you find yourself walking around the house or business looking for a beeping sensor, chances are it is a sensor that came with the house/business, or a battery operated device ie: smoke detector or C/O detector.
If you need assistance in figuring it out, please give us a call.