When it comes to video surveillance, we use the most advanced platforms available today. Some of the advantages of using our platform:


  • Cloud based Architecture: without any intrusion or port openings on the existing local network
  • Gain access to the system without the need to install and software or client applications
  • Fast and Secure Mobile applications for Iphone and Android
  • Download clips right to your device and playback without any special software
  • Smart search, allows for fast search and retrieval of archived events and information
  • Motion alerts and analytics are standard across our platform
  • Add multiple sites with ease, and see all the locations from one session


Existing Analog systems of any size can be migrated with our hybrid units, allowing all the benefits of the cloud architecture while conserving the original investment of a existing camera system. This also allows each camera to be upgraded to HD when budgets allow, or replacement services are required.







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